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Howdy guys, as you know i am a tech lover i love to know different things daily so today i come up with a new app, developed by apple name is imovie app. so many are using different types of video editing software and apps to edit there videos so, this app comes under video editing app
in this article i cover this topics
what is imovie app
whare are the features of imovie app
how to download imovie app for Mac OS and ios
so let's discuss about it

imovie app download



imovie app :

imovie app is a best video editing software developed by apple for only mac users. by this software we can edit videos and watch videos and also we can share our videos with our allies.

imovie app features :

  • studio quality titles select dozens of styles to add different animated titles
  • extra special effects are there by you can create different kinds of background videos
  • High-fidelity filters 10 creative video filters to give a better look
  • sountracks and sound recording feature
imovie ios download

imovie app is free app you can download it from imovie app store.
follow this steps 
go to google and search imovie app
or else 

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so it was very simple and easy procedure. i movie app also brings a lot of more tools to edit your videos in your create way
move on to 
imovie macos download

it is the same procedure for download this tool to mac
go to google search imovie for mac

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And last but not least
imovie download for windows unfortunately it is not available for windows platform because it was developed by apple developers.
for help desk visit :
if you have any doubts regarding how to use imovie app ther are so many videos available in YouTube simply type imovie app tutorial.



thank you for reading this article which is very helpful to know about new things and there information

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