Whatsapp vs Whatsapp Business Full Review

Whatsapp for business : From last week i heard about this Whatsapp for business, and there are so many new features as compared with whatsapp. Whatsapp business app is for new

new whatsapp business app
Whatsapp vs Whatsapp business

Whatsapp Business App Features

  • add landline number

in previous version of whatsapp there is no feature like adding landline numbers.

  • Set Auto Replies

it is the best and unique feature like when your customers sent you message and your are unable to reply them, then you can set your reply in scheduled mode to sent your customers.

  • Statics of received and and sent messages

how many of your customers are interlinked with your business and what is the stats of your business this many things are knowing by this feature.

  • Choose Business Type (category)

People are often search business in a particular category like Local, Ecommerce, Sales etc. by this feature you can tg your business in particular category so your customers easily finds you.

  • Verified Business (blue tick)

You can verify your company by using this feature, after verifying your business you will get official verified business mark, by this sign your customers will be more trust you.

  • New Whatsapp Business Logo

As compared with Whatsapp, Whatsapp business logo is some kind of different symbol to people easily distinguish what is Whatsapp and Whats is whatsapp Business app.

difference is : Whatsapp has "calling symbol" , Business has "B symbol"

Download Whatsapp for Business App

Whatsapp App Features

No land line number

No auto replies

No statics

It is for personal

No need of verification

Download Whatsapp for Laptop


So this is all about whatsapp for business, to start a new trend for business and start ups best choice. hope you all like this information meet you in new and helpful information. find [whatsapp sad dp]
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