How to Buy Bitcoins in India Step by Step guide Zebpay app

Zebpay : How many of you know about Bitcoins..??? if you know what is your wallet. i think 70% people don't know about this bitcoin wallets. and they searching for this wallets. then you are in right place. in this article you can get what is bitcoin wallet and how to download and use read this full guide.

How to buy bitcoin in india

    What is Bitcoin Wallet

    Bitcoin Wallet which Stores your money in terms of bitcoins, bitcoin wallets are those where you can easily transfer and deposit money. easy way to utilize time (time consuming) process on transactions.

    Zebpay Bitcoin wallet

    Zebpay Wallet it is the (we can say) Top bitcoin Wallet. around 1 Million Downloads on both Android/ios platforms. Zebpay wallet is easy to use while buy or sell bitcoins.

    Zebpay App Features

    zebpay app features are unique and best because of this features people love zebpay wallet.

    • Bill Any time : zebpay offers you to pay your Top-up's, DTH, Data cards and more. take few minutes only 

    • Fast transactions : zebpay is the best source to buy and sell bitcoins, no complications easily to use always get some profit after sell bitcoins.

    • Gift cards : Get 10% Off on using Amazon, Flipkart, Makemytrip and more using zebpay wallet. 

    • Secured 100% wallet : The Wallet is Secured using multisig wallets that insures your Bitcoin with 100% Security.

    Zebpay Wallet for Android/ios

    Zebpay App is available only for Android and ios platforms, zebpay app for pc is not available. (update soon...!!!)

    Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet Step by Step guide to install

    Step 1 : Download Zebpay app

    Step 2 : open zebpay app

    zebpay free bitcoins

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    Step 3 : Add your Name and Mobile Number

    zebpay mobile verification

    Step 4 : Verify your Details and Documents

    required : Email, PAN card, Bank Account Details, Aadhar

    Step 5 : Go to Menu and find your details, statements, support, about us page of zebapy app

    zebpay support

    Step 6 : This is the main page of zebpay app to how much you received and send and Buy or sell bitcoins and also select top left tab to find

    • bitcoin
    • bitcoin cash
    • litecoin (Updated..)

    zebpay sell bitcoin

    Nord Fx 

    Step 7 :  Spent your money to buy bitcoin (Minimum Required money 500 rupees)
    after buying you can see your bitcoins then start your bid and sell bitcoins.

    zebpay transfer

     Step 8 : Find your Recent transactions details on Transactions menu

    zebpay money

     Step 9 : Go to Rate chart to find find How bitcoin price fluctuate

    zebpay price chart

    Step 10 : Happy Earning... All the Best

    Get bitcoins worth ₹100 free on your first bitcoin buy or sell with referral code 

    'REF09774263' (Don't Forget to Enter code)


    so, this is all about bitcoin wallet zebpay, hope you all like this bitcoin wallet information. meet you in next amazing and trending technology news. find (whatsapp business)

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