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 Hello guys how are you all hope you all safe and strong. Recently I recall the old movie "Titanic" where hero want to draw heroine body art.

So, I research on this female body Drawing and find some super cool... woman sketches , where everything explain about how to draw a girl sketch. So, what are you waiting for just read this whole article and find different different sketches of lady.

I divided in to some groups like below so you can find exact sketches


sketch of a lady

It is not that much easy to draw a sketch of a lady. In India they are not even allowed a lady to sit in front of a artist to draw her inner parts, and coming to married woman it's like crime in India.

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 sketch of a girl 

Normally they are very famous Indian painters are there those who are interested in sketch of a girl, and this painters get permission from their Lord's.

girl sketch 

Girl Sketch before the boom of camera and this technology people have only one source sketching and they very interested in woman sketching.

 girl sketches

 At the time of kings and queens most of the kings married queens by their sketches only... And then after this "syamvaram" like kind of culture started.

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 sketch for girl

As compared with a woman and a girl most of the painters love to sketch Woman instead of girls. Because as compared with small girls ,woman are most attractive and beautiful by their appearance.

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sketch girl

female body drawing

drawing female body

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draw face girl

womens sketch

woman sketch

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So, this is all about girl sketches and Drawings hope you all like this article... If you really love this don't forget to share...

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