How do stop sideloading of Android apps?

You know that by side loading apps your privacy in danger even if you are using proxies like psiphon still your personal information is in danger because of this side loading apps .. 
Most of the people asking about "How do stop side-loading of Android apps" so, in this tutorial I am gonna share you about stopping side loading apps

How do stop sideloading of Android apps?

In Android people download most of the apps from Google play store right ..? But still people downloading apps from external app sites, because of premium features and most of the apps are not available, and most of the sites working as alternative to playstore 

What is side loading apps

Side loading apps nothing but downloaded apps from unknown sources or unknown data which user download on your mobile/Android by your personal data is in danger

this is are the categories where people easily get their premium serviced apps

Where you can get side loading apps

Normally people using this Third apps dude to Its premium features and more over most of the apps are not available in play-store because of some rules and strict guidelines of app stores. people make their mod and upload in third party sites and they earn money from them as commission, due to the high demand of premium features people opt for this free apps and scam developers take advantage on this and leaking user personal data.

How to use Side loading apps

Actually this apps available in different different third party sites where privacy is non restricted and most of this site's allow people to download there unsecured apps to Android/iOS devices, Side loading apps install and using its very simple for this you need to login as a root user or else just allow this third party apps on your device. like you have to gave permission to this apps to run on your device.

How to enable side loading apps

Most of the side loading apps/Third party apps not run in normal device, up to gaven persmission by user, But once user allow this 3rd party apps, this 3rd party apps easily stole your personal data.

in mobile devices

go to settings >> unknown sources  >>> Allow  >>> Install >>> Yes or NO

How to disable/Stop side loading apps

It is better to not allowing any third party apps or Side loading apps on your device because this they might be bots where this developers easily store your personal data by using this apps. recently India Bans 52 Apps from India because this reasons only. 

For Disable This side Loading apps 

go to settings >>> Unknown sources >> Allow >> "Never"

and don't use premium fake 3rd party apps and never ever share enter or share your personal data on this apps, we can only guide to you like 

what is good or bad only but decision is yours, so play well with this side loading apps.


So, this is all about Side loading apps details like what is it..??? How to use ? Enable/Disable side loading apps and etc hope you all like this information.


Thank you for reading this.
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