Best Netflix settings for Best User Experience on Netflix

Are you new to Netflix or already a user from long ago no worries by using this Netflix setting you will experience an all-new Netflix experience? So, let's know further details like what are settings to change to get new experience




First thing always use from the web only for the perfect size and theatre experience.




1. Create multiple profiles


Yes, we can create more profiles like in your family if anyone use Netflix other than you.

For that open your account and go to manage profiles >> add profile >> add their account like by age and other settings too.

By using this you can easily swap any account profile easily.


2. Merge or transfer profile from another account

This settings only work if you already have used or old profile. For this go to Turn on Profile transfers tab >> settings >> Profile & parental controls >> select profile >> transfer to new account.

3. Adjust or Customize Playback settings

Whenever we open any content on Netflix it simply use auto mode, and we get really bad quality while network work normal so, by scrolling to Playback settings Tap on Video quality





Choose according to your interest I prefer always high in some cases medium for (save data)

And always tap Wi-Fi or cellular data same quality.


4. Change Subtitle font and colors

Yes, you can change subtitle font, size, colors according to your comfort because we observed that most of the time some subtitles cover all over the screen so, instead of that change the size and add your favorite color and size.


5. Netflix Genres

Have you tried any content by using it’s genre and failed to get exact results. No worries here are the code list for genre for example

Action & Adventure >>  Code : 1356 etc.


6. Change Netflix mobile

This for mobile/smartphone users especially who can’t access their Netflix via web, here is the steps

Go to settings >> stream mode >> Date or Wi-Fi >> High Quality >> Done.


7. Set Parental Controls

Most and Must control for Netflix family users as we all know Netflix is a source where everybody get entertainment from kid to adult everybody watch their according to their age so, for kids we have to restrict some content for their mental and mature health.

First create an account on child

For example; Siri >> Age >> Genre >> Restrict keywords >> titles >> Display Kid Profile >> Done.


So, this are the best and useful settings for every Netflix user for better and best experience for all new Netflix experience meet you in next article.






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