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Howdy guys, today post was a very interesting and unique one because today i discuss a new and different topic which is now trending in online we are all using Skype right...??? are you thinking like this if Skype is ban what we do...??? if it happen what we have to do...??? don't worry guys if Skype not available there are so many Skype alternatives are there...
so today my topic is
what are the Alternatives to skype
how to download it
how can we used it
there are so many i choose Top 5 Alternatives apps and discuss
so, let's start.
skype alternatives download



before discussing about this topic just i tell you something which is very interesting in 14-18 th century there is no any communication facilities right.. so what they used to communicate among them anyone know..??? i tell you they simply create a image and they represent what they want. similar way in present generation video calling is the best source of communication

OK coming to topic....
Skype is the best and good video calling app that's why more then millions of people using this.
if this much of demand the app will slowly down in connecting for servers like this problems raised.

so i recommended first alternative video calling app is which is best alternatives to skype

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1) Oovoo video call text and voice app :
oovoo app download

Oovoo is the best alternative to Skype. it is compatible with all platforms like android, iOS,Mac,Windows.
the best part is you can chat and call your friends approximately 12 at a time.
you can record and upload YouTube also. for calling and chatting your friend He/She no need this app they can chat from Facebook too. that's sounds cool right..  and it is a free software.

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2) Voxox free call app :
voxox app download

Voxox is also a best alternative to Skype it is supports almost 37 languages and supports all platforms Android, Windows and Mac. it is also allows you to share your photos and chat over fax.
users can call landlines,mobiles and international call with low prices.
3) Get Viber App :
viber app download

coming to viber it is a mobile app noe it is supports all platforms, viber users can make voice and video calls around the globe. you can call any device which is installed viber. now, viber is the most downloadable alternative to Skype

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4) Slack app review :

slack app download

slack is a lesser and open platform, it is work only for third party apps, chart part is in-built but sharing done via Dropbox and google Drive. users can share real-time analytics using Data Dog and Squared. This app is compatible with iOS and android. it is mostly used by businesspersons and entrepreneur.

5) WeChat app for Android :
wechat app download

we can say we chat can be best replaces for Skype in android platform. users can share their videos and photos while in online, they also post there updates on wall like Facebook. we chat app has feature called "shake" by we can find friends from our locality, we chat supports, voice chat, video chat, group chat and emoticon chat it is a free app download right now..

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OK guys there are lot more apps like ekiga, google hangout, voca, vsee etc also alternatives for skype.

thank you guys for reading this post which deals with new topics and news to understand a better and different way.



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