Snap chat Stories vs Whatsapp Stories Which is Best

Howdy viewers how many of you using whats app my question is silly right...??? you are all thinking what are you talking we are all whatsapp fans right... so, my question is how many of you update your whatsapp now, give me your reply in comment section.
ok, here is my today topic on whatsapp new update details
and compare this details with snapchat stories.
so,  let's do it
whatsapp vs snapchat app



WhatsApp new Update :

whats app we are all knowing that whatsapp is now maintain by facebook. so, they want to change their WhatsApp to adding new features to increase their whatsapp shares.
so, here it the new feature added recently that is "new whatsapp status". Before this also whatsapp having this feature but that was only in text format but in this feature we can put images too

How to Enable this Whatsapp Status Feature :

simply go to play store and update your whatsapp messenger. and after update your whatsapp
look is like this

whatsapp new status

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see your whatsapp look is somewhat changed right...??? new options available like first one camera,chats,status,calls
so, coming to status tab ---> My status 
after clicking this you get two features like whether you have to add your photo of animation giphy or else record or take a picture of yours and add it
for the first it was asking sending your status to your whole contacts or choose your favorite contacts.
and add it.
this status enable only for 24 hours after that it was disappears.

Compare Whatsapp status with Snapchat Stories :

Snap chat users are now facilitating with their own story which was only share with their friends and public. if you compare this feature with new whatsapp status you can simply says that mark copy this feature from snapchat because snap chat feature is same as it is while seeing new whatsapp status feature




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OK guys this was the new information regarding new whatsapp status features and comparison
let us know about your feeling about this feature in comment section
most of them are hating this feature and most of them loving this feature OK we are updater's so we are come with a new information bye.


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