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5 Apps to Live a Hassle-free Bachelor Life in India

Bachelor life brings in much joy and teaches us to be responsible for our own self. It not only lets you have insane amount of fun, but also makes you learn how to stand on your own feet.

When we step out of our guardians’ place, we realise that it takes a lot of effort to maintain a house and run our life. All the food, laundry, social life and family dinners takes a lot more work then we ever imagine.
Download 5 apps or bachelor

Today, let's take a look at a few mobile applications that will sort out and automate your lifestyle, allowing us to live a hassle free bachelor life. 
1. NestAway - Hassle free apartment rentals

The first thing that anyone should sort out, is a nice place to stay. your home allows you to be yourself in your own space without anybody bothering you. This is very important for each one of us. After all, who doesn't like a personal space where we can be ourselves.

NestAway is one such mobile application that takes away all the hassles of renting an apartment and maintaining it. You can find furnished apartments right from the Nest Away mobile application across almost 12 cities in India. Especially for a country where bachelors are frowned upon, the NestAway service comes handy. Know about 

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Apart from listing fully furnished shared rooms or apartments available for rent, NestAway also maintains the furnishings, all inclusive in the cost of the rent. Plus, you don't have to interact with the land lord at all. You pay the monthly rent right from the app and check all the important documents like the rental agreement or rent receipts, right from your mobile phone.

Download on NestAway Android App

2. Daily Expenses Manager

Like our guardians would say it, we should learn to keep a track all our expenses and start saving some money to secure our future. This app lets you do exactly that.

Before you realise that you have blown away all the money on things that weren't really necessary, Daily Expenses Manager alerts you to save the buck.

You can enter your monthly income details and track (enter) your expenses by making categories for food, commute and such other daily needs. This one’s an essential for every bachelor on the run.

3. Home Remedies

The name of the app is enough to tell you what it does. Essentially, it’s a digital replacement for your grandma’s recipes to heal you with home made formulae.

Just that you will have to get yourself up and do it yourself. No more calling grandma! It comes pretty handy, especially when you’re travelling or live away from the hometown.

Have a look @ 

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4. VithU - location tracking and safety

The app alerts your contacts when you’re in danger. The app sends your location to your chosen contacts with a safety message, when you press the power button twice.

What started as an initiative to promote the ‘Gumrah’, the crime show, the app has one million downloads on Play Store with a 4.2 rating. It’s handy for boys and girls staying away from home.

5. Masala Box - Indian recipes app

This app lists down all the recipes that you’d need when your cook decides to drop out on you. The simple guides take you through the process of cooking most Indian recipes that our guardians cooked at our place.

Of course, there’s nothing like our guardians’ recipes. Our guardians have special ingredients like ‘compassion’, which would be pretty hard to find when you are away from your guardians.

For latest free recipe videos use best ivacy vpn lifetime subscription and enjoy free recipe streaming.

The app is good to have on your smartphone to satiate your home made food cravings. And well, eating at home is healthier, right? Also Check : Free Movie Apps for Android

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