{*Best*} free music apps that don t need wifi

How many of you love to listen music...??? what kind of question it is all are love music. and how many of you know that we can listen music in offline which means without Wi-Fi, Without Data connection. Sounds Interesting right...??? Let's Discuss Few Music Apps which works on online and offline to listen music. to know which apps offering this kind of aspects. find free music sites to download mp3 songs.

Best Free Music Apps That Don’t Need Wi-Fi For Play

    Free Music Apps For Play Music Without Wi-Fi

    Music apps are the best way to listen music, and there are 100's of new music apps coming market  day by day but how many are work in offline which means no data, no wifi read this full article to know what are they.

    Best Apps To Listen To Music Without Wi-Fi or Internet

    Audio Beats

    audio beats is one of the popular and most used music platform. in this app you can find all types of songs by category wise, name wise, genre wise etc. This app is user friendly and most flexible app.
    it is available for both audio beats for android and audio beats for ios platforms

    Download For Android                                                                                           Download For iOS


    Soundcloud it is the worlds largest music platform app, in this app you can create your own profile and follow your favorite singer profiles. this app has more then 150+ million tracks included hip-pop, rock, dazzle, jack, classic etc.. Sound cloud available in free/paid versions. in free version you can play 100+ million tracks per day while in paid version those are  "soundcloud plus", "soundcloud go plus" you have to pay 4.99 $ & 9.99 $ to access.

    Download For Android                                                                                          Download for iOS

    ∏-Music Player (Pi Music Player)

    ∏-Music Player is a similar to audio beats but coming to its sound technology this app made special, 100+ tracks all types of audio tracks, easy navigation bar free access. Find new tracks, albums, artists music by folders.

    Download for Android

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    Google Play music

    Google Play music is a well known popular app which is inbuilt in every android phone. developed by Google Apps. but how many of you know it is work on offline and online. you can store 30-50k songs, and subscribe your favorite podcasts.
    available for all platforms google play music app for android, iOS, Desktop.

    Download for Android                                                                                     Download for iOS


    Deezer is also one of the best app, here you can store millions of audio tracks, and download free music and play it on offline. best and unique thing is you can see music lyrics while playing.
    and one more thing is its easy navigation bar, favorite track list, most played music etc.

    Download for Android                                                                                    Download for iOS

    Microsoft Groove

    Microsoft Groove is a music app, this app is developed by Microsoft. one of the best music app for ios users, millions of audio tracks, offline access and search favorite tracks within category,
    find all  zonal songs popular audio beats.

    Download for Android                                                                                    Download for iOS


    so, this is all are the apps which are play music in offline, hope you all like this apps information meet you soon in next articles.

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