Download Whatsapp for PC/Laptop/windows/mac

Whatsapp PC : How many of you using whatsapp...?? weird... wewww...!!! what type of question it is right... sorry, sorry i mean how many of you using whatsapp in PC/Windows. i think few people and that too using whatsapp in android emulator right. so here is the best solution and guide to use whatsapp for Laptop. Read this full guide to know how to, where to download and install whatsapp for pc/windows/laptop/mac.

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    Whatsapp PC Laptop Features 

    • Text : Simple, Reliable Messaging whatsapp is best for text and messages it is the best hangout place for every human being. people share their views and communicate with each other.

    • Groups :  keep in touch with all your friends and family members, colleagues (co-workers) too in one group, every whatsapp group capable of up to 500 contacts awesome right. whatsapp is the best platform to connect your people in live, there are millions of whatsapp group names are created by group admins. to Keep the Conversation Going

    • Voice Calls : Whatsapp provides free voice calls  for free... which means you don't need to recharge your sim for inbound and out bound calls. perfect right..?? Speak Freely communicate freely.

    • Video Calls : Whatsapp provides free video calls  for free... like voice calls videos calls are free to use with HD video quality (based on mobile lens + mobile signal 3G/4G/wifi)

    • share : PHOTOS AND VIDEOS sharing easy by using whatsapp. most of the people are using whatsapp for this purpose only. updated girls dp, boys dp, daily videos, photos, DOCUMENTS (Document Sharing Made Easy) by friends and other group members.

    • status : Whatsapp status feature it is now trend people are show their friends to how their day starts and ends with their photos, videos, quotes. 

    • security : whatsapp is provide end to end encryption which means highly secured. so no need to worry about your privacy. whatsapp is coming up with personal privacy like whom to watch your Whatsapp dp and whom to send messages, whom to see your statuses etc.

    Install Whatsapp for PC Download whatsapp exe for Laptop instructions with images

    Whatsapp laptop it is the new trend to use whatsapp in pc because every time check their mobiles for new messages some kinda boring right..! instead of checking mobile what about whatsapp pc notifications sounds great. so here is the full installation guide for whatsapp laptop.

    Download Whatsapp exe for Windows 32 bit

    Whatsapp exe for 32 bit..??? no need to worry some windows systems are made up with 32 bit.

    question : how to know whether 32 or 64 bit right

    answer : go to ---> control panel ---> settings ----> PC info

    Download Windows 32 bit whatsapp exe file click here

    Download Whatsapp exe for Windows 64 bit

    Whatsapp exe for 64 bit..??? no need to worry some windows systems are made up with 32 bit.

    question : how to know whether 32 or 64 bit right

    answer : go to ---> control panel ---> settings ----> PC info

    Download Windows 64 bit whatsapp exe file click here

    Download Whatsapp for Download for Mac OS X 10.9 and higher

    Whatsapp dmg file for mac os

    check 32 or 64 bit and install whatsapp .dmg file for mac OS.

    For any Queries, Answers, Questions visit :

    whatsapp web :

    if you want to use whatsapp on desktop/pc mode then you can type url : on your search bar or else search for web whatsapp on google then you will get a pop up like 

    whatsapp download

    if you want to download whatsapp on your desktop/pc than you can opt for "Download" option after clicking that option you will get pop like 

    Once you open the link you will find all details like

    Download Whatsapp for Android/Mobile/Smartphone

    Download Whatsapp for iphone

    also you will get Download Whatsapp for Mac or Windows PC

    with available and supported versions

    for Mac OS X 10.10 and higher
    Windows 10 and higher (64-bit version)
    Windows 10 and higher (32-bit version)

    Before Download Don't forget to read about Terms and conditions and usage manual.

    if you want to install from your mobile itself than 

    Visit on your mobile phone to install.

    whatsapp plus

    Whatsapp Plus it's a alternative for Whatsapp users just like mod app or premium enabled app by third party access.

    if you want to get this "Whatsapp Plus" app you can easily search on "google" by typting "Whatsapp Plus Download" but for my recommendation is don't opt for these apps might be they hack or stole your data.

    before download these apps from that sites make sure to check whether they are secures (https enabled) and before accepting their cookies and privacy make sure to read once like what they actually want from their users.

    after that open that website link and check by scam advisers to check website 

    whatsapp not working

    Most of the common and top query like "My whatsapp is not Working" or "Whatsapp Down" 

    most of the cases due to large users (meta whatsapp owner) servers might get down, due to that Whatsapp down occurs.

    in othe case due to update on whatsapp app some times users can't access Whatsapp for a while.

    whatsapp login

    Most of the new users or old users "Top-ranked Query How to login Whatsapp" 

    first of all Download "Whatsapp for android/ios/PC/Desktop" from the above link.

    after that open app 

    enter your mobile number >>

     in a fraction of time you will get OTP >>

     Enter or Automatically accepted >>

    once this process done >>

    now you can customize your name >>

    change your DP >>

     Change your status >>

    Change your privacy settings >>

    change your data access and etc. for better using on "Whatsapp on mobile"


    so, this is all about whatsapp exe for PC and Install whatsapp exe file for Windows PC and also know to install whatsapp on Mac OS X 10.9 and higher. Hope you all like this guide if you have any queries regarding download, installations feel free to ask in comment section. meet you soon with new updated technology information.

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