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url shortener sites : Today we are gonna share you a best way to make money online. this is our first post to discuss about make money online. in this guide we are gonna show you how to make link shortener earn money india to make money, means by using this small urls you can make money from those links. read this full guide to know about Top 5 Short Url Websites to Make Money Online

Earn money from shorten urks

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Top 5 Short Url Websites list to short url and earn money 

  1. shrtfly.com
  2. linkrex.net
  3. za.gl
  4. cut-urls.com
  5. ShrinkEarn

1. shrtfly

Step By Step Guide to Register and Earn Money ( Watch Video )

shrtfly is one of the best free best link shortener to earn money where you can easily short your long url, and also shrtfly pay you for that short url.  simple sign up by below link and start making money through by your short urls.

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The price of 1000 view varies between $ 1.5 and $ 8.5 most often and depending on the country's views.

Payment Methods

Withdrawal MethodMinimum Withdrawal Amount
Bank Transfer$50.00

The ShrtFly referral program is a great way to spread the word of this great service and to earn even more money with your short links! Refer friends and receive 30% of their earnings for life!

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Payment Proof

shrtfly payment proof

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2. linkrex

linkrex is a best link shortener earn money custom domain site where you can add long urls to get short url by you can easily share on social media and also get earn money with url shortener for every click through your short url. simple sign up by below link and start making money through by your short urls.

The request for payment can be made via Paypal or Bitcoin when your balance will be greater than $5.

The price of 1000 views is between $ 4 and $15

You will earn 25% of your referrals.
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3. za.gl

za.gl is a popular custom url shortener where you can get short urls fro your long url. and most interesting thing is they pay you when users click through your link.simple sign up by below link and start making money through by your short urls.

The request for payment can be made via Paypal when your balance will be greater than $5.

The price of 1000 views is between $ 0.16 and $ 0.8

You will earn 20% of your referrals.
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4. cut-urls

Cut-url is one of the best url shortener to make money that gives incredible rates indeed the price of 1000 view varies between $ 5 and $ 8 simple sign up by below link and start making money through by your short urls.

 Cut-url is legit on NBR.

 just as sponsorship being 20% of the referrals earnings

You can ask for a payment when you get $ 3 on your account

payment methods

Bitcoin, Paypal, Payza, or Payeer.

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Linkvertise : share links and earn money.

Linkvertise is a new URL shortening service website where you can earn highest paying url shortener site money for shorting long URLs.  And paid for every short URL you made and someone click on it you will get paid. As a commission and it's depends on country too.

Withdraw options
Linkvertise earn money
For join click on image 

 getsurl (scam don't use it )

getsurl is one of the best url shortener 2018/17 more then $$$$ payout. simple sign up by below link and start making money through by your short urls.

You can request a payment once you reach $5.

You can be paid on PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza or Bank Transfer.

 best URL shortening sites.

The rates for 1000 views varies between 2$ and 11$.

You will get 5% of your referrals' earning.

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5. ShrinkEarn

ShrinkEarn is one the best best url shortener to make money & Highest Paying Best URL Shortener Site which pays up to $20 per 1000 visits.

lowest cpm of $3.

Referral commission increased to 30%

Withdrawal MethodMinimum Withdrawal Amount
Paytm UPI/Bank UPI$5.00

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Top 5 Short Url Websites features to Make Money Online

Shrink Earn
Mass Link Support
Payout Methods
PayPal, Bank Transfer , Paytm , UPI
 via Paypal or Bitcoin
Bitcoin, Paypal, Payza, or Payeer 
 PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza or Bank Transfer
Wordpress Plugin
Referral Commision
receive 30%
 earn 25%
 earn 20%
 being 20% 
Minimum Withdrawal Amount
PayPal   $5.00
Bank Transfer  $50.00
Paytm   $5.00
UPI         $5.00
greater than $5
 $ 3


Shortzon is a best url shortener website to earn money site where you can short your long URL. And also you can earn money from your short URL. 

Join Here 


Shortzon offers url shortener earn money in quicklink setup, mass shrinker option add All links at a time, page script for websites and blogs to monetize URLs, developer api for app developers to monetize app links, and more...
Shirtzon sign up

Minimum withdraw money

Shortzon money

Top 20 Short Url Sites For free and premium short url services.

  • Short.io
Short.com best site to create shorten urls and earn money services and good way to promote as well 
  • Bitly
One of the old and best popular short url service after google shortner site, because of its easy navigation, tracking and best part is customize short url tracking ID so, you can check a particular url insights.
  • Redbandly
Redbandly a premium and free Short Url Site where you can retarget your particular short url to get lead from your customers best for bussiness urls.
  • Linkly
Best and unique short url service at a time you can track 2000+ urls per month, both free and premium services available. Tracking is very good and effective.
  • Clickmeter
Best for its unique and best service it's find broken and error type Urls so that we can interchange and recreate our target url to get good tracking and insights.
  • Pixelme
CTR (Clicks though rate) is higher as compare with other short url sites, so I can recommend this services for ad agency or classified websites.
  • Blink
Blink is best fo its customer care services when we have any complaint or query regarding our link they reply very soon as they can, and it's best for create campaigns and track this campaigns for own branding.
  • Cuttly
Cuttly is best for their privacy because we see so many suspicious links on every website or blog so, this short url service is analyse the url and get report and sort whether it's a spam or suspicious link. So that we can create and share those kind of urls.
  • SmartURL
  • Soogd
  • UrlShortner
  • Tinny
  • Ckim
  • TinyURL
  • T2mio
  • Tiny.ie
  • Shorturl
  • Bitdo
  • Yourls
  • Musicjet
  • Adfly
  • IS.GD

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good URL shortening websites?

Ans :  Well there are so many short url websites available like


How does a URL-shortener work?

Ans : Well we the human beings who love shortcuts right.
like we anyone say go to U turn and come to my place we simply use shortest way to reach that shop.
similarly when we see a long url we can’t remember exact website name and other words istead of that we simply use websites and tools like short my long url.
advantages of this short urls sites
1. save time to remember exact website name and all other details
2. you can create your own user friendly url like some bit ly/mypersonalurl etc
3. so by all this url shortener sites works well and good

Which are the highest paying URL shortener websites?

its depends on short url guidlines and mostly depends on url time, user location and more over engagement on that particular url

example of url list


What are good url shortner service to earn money in India?

we are indians always wonder to know how to earn money online,
and some people use some short cuts to become rich in fewer years.
but sad part is world is ready to invest on indian brands but indian people not intrest to invest in infian brands so our cpc is decreasing like hell if any idian people clcikcs a ad or url you will get roughtly 0.01$ so for indinas they always target tier countries so that cpc increses and get good amount of money.
coming to good url shortner sites
everybody has their own guidlines like minimum pay out and its all depends on creator not website in some cases website also play a major key role

What are URL shorteners?

Are the any URL shortners similar to http://bit.ly but with the ability to track ip address?

How do URL shorteners make profits?

Which are the most popular URL shortners?

Is there a URL shortner that doesn't get marked as spam in emails

How much data does a url shortner site such as http://bit.ly need to store and distribute on a daily basis?

Which would be a good URL shortner with analytics?

What is the life of Google url shortner?

What are the free url shortners which track the ip addresses?

What are the best (highest payout) url shortner website for an Indian?

Do any URL shortners earn you money in a seamless way?

What is the best alternative for Google URL shortner?

What are unknown/empty visitors in Google URL shortner report?

Is it possible to make url shortner in facebook?

Is there any link shortener which does work like Google URL shortner, but wil
l pay you if someone clicks on that link?

Is there a free URL shortner where I can customize the URL?

How can I make a URL shortner for Prestashop?

Which url shortner gives you decent bucks?

Does Google URL shortner offer a browser bookmarklet?

What is the role of QR code in URL shortners?

What would be a useful feature to add to a url shortner?

What are the best alternatives to Google URL shortners in 2019/2020/2021/2022?

Does the type of URL shortner affect transfer volume? Why?

What are the payment methods of Google URL shortner?

actually google short url doesn't pay any money and unfortunately google close this service.

Which is the best url shortner and best advertizer online except than Google adsence but trustworthy?

I am building a URL shortner. Is there any way I can earn money through this project(apart from ads)?

Why do all URL shortner sites which pay look identical? Is it a sign of scam of running multiple sites by same owners?

For passive Income click this link.. URL shortner?

Which is the best Paytm URL Shortner Without Captcha?

I want to make a URL shortner and I want a hash for that so I can take any code from GitHub or I have to make my own to call the project made by me?


so this is all about  Top Highest Paying Best short link earn money Sites 2018/2019/2020/2021/2022 hope you all like it. meet you in next interesting articles.


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